2017.08.04 IDImposer Pro Release

IDImposer 2017.08.04 Version Highlights

Ok, so I got a little carried away with cleaning up some things. The major changes:

  • I killed Booklet Edition. Long live Pro Edition.
  • There is now a Free version again.  It is just the Pro Edition, unlicensed, with one difference:  If you download IDImposer, you are initially limited to producing 3-sheet-maximum output, which is 6 printer spreads, or 12 input pages if you are printing 2-sided, 2-up.  This is enough for many common types of jobs.  Getting and entering your License Key removes the 6-spread restriction.

If you are particularly attached to the old Booklet Edition, you might want to keep it around for a while. I renamed the main IDImposer folder (‘IDImposer11AFolder’) to make that easier. (It is fine to have multiple versions of IDImposer in your Scripts Panel folder.  See Hints and Limitations for some suggestions about doing that.

Please send me any questions, concerns, or suggestions.


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