For the 2018.10.17 release, we have an important bug fix, related to the new release of InDesign CC (2019), and some new PageSequence files.

The bug causes IDImposer to crash or silently quit when a user upgrades to InDesign CC 2019.

The new ‘PerfectPlus’ PageSequence files are targeted mainly toward those customers who produce 1 copy of a custom book.  It’s like the “Perfect Bound” Imposition Type, except that you can fit more pages per sheet, if you use larger sheets of paper. In fact, “Perfect Bound” is a special case of ‘PerfectPlus’, where the layout is “2×1” pages per surface.

F.C. Avis

So the latest IDImposer has a new set of ‘PageSequence’ files, for book publishing and larger press sheets.  Most of them are taken from an excellent book by one F.C. Avis, called “Printers’ Imposition”, published in 1953.  Here is a digital version of the out-of-print book:  PRINTERS’ IMPOSITION-F.C.Avis-1953.  The majority are WorkAndTurn schemes, up to an 8×4 layout.

The PageSequence files are just text files, so you can copy and edit your favorite schemes, if they’re not already done for you.