For the 2018.10.17 release, we have an important bug fix, related to the new release of InDesign CC (2019), and some new PageSequence files.

The bug causes IDImposer to crash or silently quit when a user upgrades to InDesign CC 2019.

The new ‘PerfectPlus’ PageSequence files are targeted mainly toward those customers who produce 1 copy of a custom book.  It’s like the “Perfect Bound” Imposition Type, except that you can fit more pages per sheet, if you use larger sheets of paper. In fact, “Perfect Bound” is a special case of ‘PerfectPlus’, where the layout is “2×1” pages per surface.

F.C. Avis

So the latest IDImposer has a new set of ‘PageSequence’ files, for book publishing and larger press sheets.  Most of them are taken from an excellent book by one F.C. Avis, called “Printers’ Imposition”, published in 1953.  Here is a digital version of the out-of-print book:  PRINTERS’ IMPOSITION-F.C.Avis-1953.  The majority are WorkAndTurn schemes, up to an 8×4 layout.

The PageSequence files are just text files, so you can copy and edit your favorite schemes, if they’re not already done for you.

2018.06.30 IDImposer Release notes

I went ‘back to school’ for this latest release of IDImposer, and made some much needed enhancements to especially two areas,

  • Installation of customizable presets for standard press metric and north american paper sizes, and
  • A much stronger collection of ‘work-and-turn’ imposition patterns, for people who want to
    • produce your own books, including the folding / trimming / binding phases; or
    • produce folding signature dummies to help you communicate clearly with your print services supplier, and better understand the interactions between the design and the manufacturing of books; or
    • produce booklets more efficiently and inexpensively, through cost savings in time and materials (paper).

Please give them a try, and let me know what you think!

The Download page.

2017.08.04 IDImposer Pro Release

IDImposer 2017.08.04 Version Highlights

Ok, so I got a little carried away with cleaning up some things. The major changes:

  • I killed Booklet Edition. Long live Pro Edition.
  • There is now a Free version again.  It is just the Pro Edition, unlicensed, with one difference:  If you download IDImposer, you are initially limited to producing 3-sheet-maximum output, which is 6 printer spreads, or 12 input pages if you are printing 2-sided, 2-up.  This is enough for many common types of jobs.  Getting and entering your License Key removes the 6-spread restriction.

If you are particularly attached to the old Booklet Edition, you might want to keep it around for a while. I renamed the main IDImposer folder (‘IDImposer11AFolder’) to make that easier. (It is fine to have multiple versions of IDImposer in your Scripts Panel folder.  See Hints and Limitations for some suggestions about doing that.

Please send me any questions, concerns, or suggestions.