IDImposer – Your Imposition Companion

IDImposer Pro gives you the ability to quickly and easily print — or create PDF — booklets, books, newsletters, newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, even sheets of business cards and labels, by imposing ‘reader-order’ InDesign pages onto larger 2-up or N-up press-/printer-ready sheets.


IDImposer Pro is now FREE for smaller to mid-sized jobs.  Larger jobs still require purchasing a License Key.

Download and give it a try!  Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. I generally respond pretty quickly.  (I’m a ‘Lazy American,’ and only speak English — sorry!)

The IDImposer Workflow –– Simple, Efficient, Precise

  • Create your InDesign Document
  • Start IDImposer
  • Check the job settings
  • Click the ‘Impose’ button
  • Inspect the new, imposed InDesign document
  • Print it, or Export Directly To PDF

Booklet Edition and Pro Edition

(Discontinuing Booklet Edition, as of August 2017. To Do: update this and other pages.)

IDImposer comes in two Editions, to satisfy the needs and budgets of different types of users.

Booklet Edition creates 2-Up Flats for “saddle stitched” (stapled on the fold) booklets or newsletters, and N-Up Consecutive Flats (for single sided printing, etc). A Step and Repeat option streamlines the creation of sheets of labels and business cards.  Booklet Edition handles creep, bleed, crop marks, presets, and more.

Pro Edition in addition gives you the ability to do Perfect Bound book layouts, and cut stack layouts, and allows more control over printer marks and page-freezing settings.

Pro Edition also includes two powerful features for defining more-complex Multi-Up imposition layouts: user definable Page Sequence files — including rotated pages — and support for multiphase jobs, allowing one-click impositions of impositions. Among other things, this enables the easy creation of Work and Turn, single plate layouts.

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IDImposer UI and Sample Output

8-Page Booklet from IDImposer
8-Page Booklet from IDImposer