Change History


  • Decided to phase out Booklet Edition.
  • Now there is just IDImposer Pro, which is FREE, for producing small to medium sized jobs. Larger jobs still require purchasing a license.
  • No more ‘Free Trial Period’.  There is no need, now that IDImposer Pro is free for small to medium sized jobs.
  • Made numerous smaller changes and bug fixes.
  • See also the notes on the download page.

Simplified the file structure of the ‘Extras’ folders: Labels and PageSequence. Simpler code, and smaller downloads.
Now reporting the correct IDImposer build date.
Now reporting the correct version of InDesign.
Applying older preset (.geo) files now works
II can find the XML PageSequence files again
II can now rotate every other page, to take advantage of desktop printers that do 2-sided printing by turning the sheet over side-to-side rather than end-to-end.
Initial release of IDImposer 11.
Yearly licensing
Price drop for IDImposer Pro
Removal of Standard Edition
Simultaneous first release of IDTextFitter
10.2.9 – 6 June 2016
Changed UI to do buttons instead of dropdown for add/remove Phase (Pro only)
10.2.8 – 6 May 2016
Greatly improved handling of PageSequence files and Work-And-Turn (Pro only)
10.2.6 -26 Feb 2016
Add Avery to the self-installing files.
Add geometric presets for 16-page and 28-page wall calendars.
10.2.4 -14 Feb 2016
Restructured the event handlers, to fix several dialog issues.
10.2.3 – 2 Feb 2016
Enhanced Booklet Edition to be able to do “Apply Layout…” and “Step and Repeat”,  for better Avery support.  Booklet Edition is now considerably more powerful.
Automated more of the Build process
Made use of single-page ‘frozen’ PDF files an option
10.2.1 – 26 Jan 2016
Created a new ‘edition’:  Make Booklet 2016.
Several minor bug fixes.
10.1.8 – 30 Dec 2015
Made IDImposer 23% faster, and reduced the required intermediate file size down to 2% of the v10.1.7 size.
10.1.7 – 12 Nov 2015
Made the exception handling of Save Layout and Apply Layout smoother
10.1.6 – 22 Oct 2015
Fixed another Apply Layout ui issue: the values appeared to be updated incorrectly.
10.1.5 – 21 Oct 2015
Fixed a bug that caused the Apply Layout preset to be completely ignored.
10.1.4 – 14 Oct 2015
Changed from a 15-day to a 30-day trial period.
10.1.3 – 24 Sept 2015
Simplified the main dialog, and made it smaller
10.1.2 – 17 Sept 2015
Fixed a UI bug, with not updating sheet margins values to match new trimwidth, when dialog window is first displayed.
10.1.1 – 12 Sept 2015
Reinstated the main ReadMeFirst file, mainly for the installation section.
Rearranged a few things in the git SCCS repository for IDImposer.
10.1.0 – 11 Sept 2015
Added an ‘About [IDImposer]’ panel.
Fixed some minor problems.
10.0.13 – 29 August 2015
Fixed a rare bug that causes the wrong number of Pages in the output (‘sheet’) Document, depending on your app preferences setting.
Renamed FlatLayout files to PageOrder files … probably more descriptive.
Reorganized and regenerated the SupportFiles file, _SC_II_A_SupportFiles.jsx.
10.0.12 – 12 August 2015
Am now enforcing the requirement that the source doc must be saved and not modified since the last save, to prevent someone from imposing an older version of the document and being confused.
Fixed a bad positioning bug, affecting especially StepAndRepeat mode with FacingPages turned on.
The dialog values weren’t getting updated properly by Apply Geo Layout.
Fixed some File.openDialog filter issues.
10.0.11 – 9 August 2015
Created a new “.geo” XML format for layout geometry presets, making Avery sheets and other layouts more accessible.
Added buttons to Save and Apply the new format.
Updated the Avery libraries to use “.geo” format.
10.0.10 – 23 July 2015
Improved error handling for when the source document has been saved yet or not. (Thank you, S.H.)
Improved error handling for Preset page dimensions not exactly the same as the source document’s page dimensions. Makes Avery presets and others much easier to use.
10.0.9 – 14 July 2015
Made Replicate jobs (labels & business cards) 20 times faster. Laying out an Avery sheet of 60 return address labels is no longer a performance issue. (Note: this change created a bug. Disabled it for now.)
10.0.8 – 15 June 2015
Added support for libraries of Presets, such as the Avery label sheet presets.
Started to test with InDesign CC 2015. Looks good.
10.0.6 – 2 June 2015
Make User Canceled error handling nicer.
BleedInside is now set to 0 when the input document is in FacingPages mode.
10.0.5 – 23 May 2015
Fixed a Windows problem with Saving and Applying Presets.
10.0.4 – 20 May 2015
Fixed a Registration bug, and a few others.
Added zip file downloads, for CS4 and CS5 installation.
10.0.3 – 14 May 2015
Implemented an easier installation method. Now, for CS6 and above, just open a .zxp file with Adobe Extension Manager, and click ‘Install’.
Improved the main dialog.
Several bug fixes.
10.0.2 — 12 April 2015
Made the default measurement units be cm in most countries.
Switched to a more intuitive method for making changes to sheet margins and sheet dimensions.
Improved the consistency of the printer marks default settings with those of the InDesign print system.
10.0.0 – March 2015
Total rewrite and redesign (again) to avoid using Flex, since Adobe is now backing away from Flex as the way to do Extensions to Adobe products.  IDImposer 10 (10.0.0) released in March of 2015.
9.0.0 – 2012
Total rewrite and redesign to create IDImposer 9, a Flex app, the Latest and Greatest thing for Adobe developers to build with, according to Adobe.
Earlier, quite primitive, mostly free versions. The first publicly available version dates back to about 2005, I believe.