Architecture – How It Works

The Architecture — How IDImposer Works

IDImposer rearranges the pages of a normal “reader spread” InDesign document into “super-pages”, or “Flats”, of a new InDesign document, complete with crop marks / trim marks and other printer marks.

This takes advantage of the larger paper (“sheet”) sizes used by printing equipment in a print services provider’s shop, and rearranges the pages into correct Saddle-Stitch or Perfect-Bound page order.

You can think of IDImposer as a “Print Booklet” feature on steroids — except that the output of IDImposer is a new InDesign document. This allows you to inspect the imposed result before either sending it to a printer or imagesetter or exporting a PDF file of the job. And, since the output is an InDesign Document, you can easily add slugs, additional color bars, and other custom marks in InDesign before printing or exporting to PDF.