IDImposer Feature Set Saves You Time

IDImposer Supports:

mm, cm, inches, points

Specify imposition layout parameters in whatever units best match the job: mm, cm, inches, or points.

Product Compatibility

InDesign CS4 through at least InDesign CC 2017.

All InDesign-compatible versions of MacOS X, and all InDesign-compatible versions of Windowsincluding Windows 10.

Flexible Page Sequencing

2-Up 2-Sided Single Fold Saddle-Stitch sequencing

Consecutive sequencing

Perfect-Bound, Cut-Stack, and StepAndRepeat sequencing*

User Defined page sequencing**

4-Up, 6-Up, 8-Up, …**

SheetsPerSignature > 1, and can be a list

Page rotation**

WorkAndTurn / WorkAndTumble / Single Plate**

Extensive Layout Capabilities

Creep (Progressive microshift of page contents)

Input Pages of any size, and output Sheets of any size

Unequal sheet margins are mirrored properly on the Back of the sheet

Printer Marks: configurable crop marks, registration marks, ink bars, and sheet information

Sheet information lists the source document name, date and time, the original page numbers, the sheet number, and whether it is the front or back of a sheet.

All printer marks are designed to be visible against any background, so that they are not obscured by any bleed.

Optional Gaps (Spacing) between pages

InDesign Bleeds. Specify the bleed settings in the Document Settings for the original InDesign document. And then be sure to leave a little space for the Bleeds in the Sheet Margins and Spacing parameters of IDImposer.

Your slugs can easily be Placed on the imposed InDesign output document, either on a Master page, or individually on each Flat. Be sure to leave enough room for the slug, using the Sheet Margins.

Photos that cross the spine of Reader Spread facing pages (Crossovers) are correctly handled and perfectly aligned.

Master Page items are handled correctly.

Special characters like auto-pagenumbers are handled correctly.

MultiPass – impositions of impositions, to build complex layouts**

A Friendly, Productive UI

Automatic calculation of sheet margins

Both supplied and user definable Presets*

A highly accurate Avery label Preset library*