Section 11 – PageSequence Files

PageSequence _ReadMe.txt

16 December 2016

(See also the IDImposer web site,

The xml files in this folder are hopefully useful on their own,
and are also examples of how you can make your own PageSequence files
for IDImposer.


IDImposer 11 Pro Edition

Description of the IDImposer PageSequence format:

: the XML root for a PageSequence file.

PageSequence attributes:

pagesWide : number of Pages to place next to each
        other horizontally on one side of a Sheet.

pagesHigh : number of Pages to place above each
        other vertically on one side of a Sheet. 
        A simple 2Up PageSequence has
        pagesWide="2" and pagesHigh="1".

blockPagesWide : think of a "block" as a "sub-Sheet" -- 
        a complete block of pages that is cut apart from
        the other blocks and folded independently.
        blockPagesWide is then the width, in pages, of a block.

blockPagesHigh : the height, in pages, of a block of a Sheet.

blockPages : The number of pages in a block, including 
        the Back side pages.  That is, 
        blockPages = blockPagesWide * blockPagesHigh * 2;

blocksPerSheet : number of sub-Sheets per Sheet.

paperFlip : 'Horizontal' or 'Vertical' -- the direction of the
        paper flip after printing the Fronts and before printing
        the Backs.

<Signature> : represents the layout of a collection of sheets 
        that are folded together as one unit.

Signature attributes:

    pageNumberOffset : amount to be added to each relative page 
            number in the Signature to get the actual page numbers 
            specified by this Signature.

    nSheetsInSignature : the number of sheets included in this

    sigNumber : numbering starts with 0

    like : if present, tells IDImposer that this Signature
            is just like a previous Signature (numbering from N=0).
            In this case, the only other property needed to
            describe the group is 'pageNumberOffset' -- 
            the "Front" data is taken from previous Signature N.

    <Front> : 'pagesWide' by 'pagesHigh' values that 
            represent the Front side Reader Page numbers for the 
            group ... E.g., "4 1" for 2Up Perfect Bound, 
            with 1 sheet per signature. 

    <Back> : 'pagesWide' by 'pagesHigh' values that
            represent the Back side Reader Page numbers for the
            group ... E.g., "2 3" for 2Up Perfect Bound, 
            with 1 sheet per signature, assuming horizontal 
            flip of the stack of sheets between printing the 
            Fronts and the Backs.

            If an 'R' follows the number, the corresponding Page
            will be rotated 180 degrees on the Flat, which is
            what you want to do if you flip the stack vertically 
            instead of horizontally between printing Fronts and 
            Backs, or if the Layout implies a horizontal fold.


  • IDImposer infers the full PageSequence for the current job
    from the 1st Signature in the PageSequence file.
    Blank pages are added to the temporary source document,
    if necessary, to make the imposition padded out to the next
    Signature boundary.
  • Pages are numbered from 1, to be consistent with InDesign's
    Page numbering.


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