Section 12 – Wall Calendars

Wall Calendar Example

InDesign was not designed to do typical wall calendars.

The main problem, of course, is that wall calendars are typically folded and stapled at the top, not the side. What you want is essentially ‘saddle stitch’ page order, but vertically instead of horizontally.

Here is one way to do it, without getting a sore neck from tilting your head sideways. It requires the Page Order (extra imposition types) feature of IDImposer Pro Edition.

First, create the pages of your calendar in InDesign, right side up, with Facing Pages OFF. (Facing Pages was not built for top binding docs.) If there is to be any bleed, specify that in the Document Setup.

Don’t worry about bleed at the top binding — you can just set all of the bleed values to the same thing.

For this example, we will make a 28-page calendar — a page for each month, plus another page for a nice photo for each month, plus a page each for the outside front and back cover, plus 2 additional pages at the beginning to make the total page count be a multiple of 4.

(I used Scott Selberg’s Calendar Wizard 5.0.15 to create the twelve ‘month’ pages of the sample calendar. Thank you, Scott! See

Then, to impose, we run IDImposer Pro, specifying the Imposition Type of “CAL028 12-mo 28 Pg Wall Calendar”.

When we click the ‘Impose’ button and wait a few seconds, a new imposed Document has been created, with our calendar laid out in the proper order for a “top-bound saddle-stitched” job.

Notice that IDImposer has preserved our bleeds on the outer 3 sides of each page, and has automatically clipped the bleed to the page trim box at the “spine” of the sheets. (If we had specified that the Vertical Spacing be nonzero, the spine bleeds would be clipped to half of the Spacing.)

Done. Now just do a simple Print or PDF Export from InDesign.

This is the correct page sequence if you are printing to a short-run or office printer that is capable of printing on both sides of the paper without flipping the stack of paper over between printing of Front and Back sides of the sheets. If you are just printing on one side of a sheet at a time, the stack of Fronts will be flipped over before printing the Backs, so the ‘WallCalendar.xml’ file can be a little simpler, without the 180 degree rotations.